• Welcome to the NBD Virtual Assistant DEMO Page

    A Special Introduction for NBD Staff: Experience the Future of Customer Service with Our AI-Powered Virtual Assistant

  • Empowering NBD with AI: Experience the Future of Customer Service Today!

    This demo version of 'Dominique' represents approximately 10% of the chatbot's full capabilities

    Demo Version - Your Insights Are Crucial

    This is a demo version of "Dominique," and we invite you, the NBD staff, to be the first to interact and explore its capabilities.

    Your feedback will be instrumental in refining and optimizing this innovative tool. Your insights will also guide us in finalizing the name and other key attributes of the chatbot.

    What is "Dominique"?

    "Dominique" (working name, not definitive) is a glimpse into the future of customer service at NBD. This AI-powered chatbot is designed to provide immediate, accurate, and personalized support for a wide range of banking inquiries. From account information to branch locations, "Dominique" is here to assist NBD's customers 24/7. Please note that this is just a preview of what's possible, and the final product can be tailored to meet NBD's specific needs and preferences.

    How to Interact with "Dominique"

    • Start a Conversation: Type your question or inquiry in the chat window below.
    • Explore Topics: Ask about any banking-related topics to see how "Dominique" responds.
    • Speak to a Human Agent: Type "agent" if you wish to simulate connecting with a human agent.
    • Provide Feedback: Share your thoughts, suggestions, and insights through our feedback form.