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5 Tips to Increase Social Commerce

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Social media has evolved to be one of the most important sales tools for all businesses.  

Social Media allows you to connect with your audience. And a fantastic way to generate sales through Social Commerce.


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Social Commerce is the process of selling and promoting products through social media platforms. It creates an easier checkout experience and simpler cart-to-conversion journey. 

According to reports 5 key considerations for marketers when trying to build a social commerce presence that not only sells, but also help build brand are Content, Customer Voice, Convenience, Conversation and Commerce. 

In today’s post, we’ll be sharing 5 Insider Tips on how to boost your brand or businesses’ Social Commerce by optimizing your social media efforts. 

1. Use Shoppable Posts 

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Shoppable posts are an extremely effective way to increase sales via social media. With shoppable posts, customers can buy your products or services straight from your social media post. 

As highlighted here, Instagram is a perfect example of this. It allows you to tag products and services in your Instagram stories and posts. This helps your customers see the product they want and instantly go to your website to buy it with a simple tap of their screen. 

The tag has the description, price, and name of the product/service. Then, they can click the “checkout” button on the product page. After that, all they have to do is enter their name, payment details, delivery address, and they’re good to go. 

On Facebook, there is a shop section of your businesses' page to list your products. Also, Pinterest offers buyable pins where people can purchase products directly from the app. 

Shoppable pins make the customer experience easier and give you the best access to your customers. 

2. Share User-Generated Content 

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In the new age of Digital Sales and Marketing potential customers now tend to read many reviews before buying anything. This is to make sure the brand and product are trustworthy and worth their money. Customers also and find authentic reviews to see products and services in action. 

In your brands journey to develop customer loyalty customers sharing positive experiences with your products or services is a huge benifit. The best wat to take advantage of this is to highlight that content. 

This also brings authenticity to your profile that you can’t get by only creating your own content. 

3. Use Social Media Influencers  

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Influencers are a go-to method to increase sales with social media when you want to get in front of a large audience . 

There are many influencers out there, all with different audiences. 

Find influencers that has a similar target audience as yours and serve your industry. This bit of due diligence will ensure that they have followers interested in your product or service. Ask them to promote your brand by honestly reviewing your products or services on their profiles. This would be in exchange for a discount or affiliate link or potentially a free sample.(Some influencers do charge for these reviews.) This will put you in front of their massive following and is proven to increase sales. 

Either way, this gets your products or services in front of a larger portion of your target audience, increasing potential sales.

4. Use Social Listening Regularly  

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If you could be granted the superpower of reading your customer’s minds, would you take it? This is the power of Social Listening.  It helps you understand how your customers really feel about your product and company. 

Scan the comments section of posts from or about your brand or business and your competitors. This also includes any influencer marketing posts about or promoting you or your competitor’s products or services.  

Utilizing Social Listening you can then use the information you find to inform your sales and marketing strategy moving forward. This allows you to better accommodate customer needs and concerns. 

5. Promote Flash Sales 

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A flash sale is, just as the name suggests, a limited-time sale. They are different from regular sales, which are usually held at the sametime every year. 

Most companies will announce flash sales at most an hour or two before it starts. These types of sales are great for creating a sense of urgency in your customers, especially since these sales usually only run for aday. 

You can promote your flash sale on your social media to get the most engagement and sales.  

For your Facebook audience, you can create an event if you want to start generating buzz early. For Instagram, you can create an event countdown in stories or publish posts about the sale. 

If you don’t have a large following, we encourage running ads on these platforms. 

All five strategies aim at utilizing social media to make Social Commerce easier. Reducing buying friction and all the unnecessary steps hindering interested customers from buying.  

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